Website translates text into images — time to call in sick

If you were dazzled when the Internet brought you the site that turned your words into pirate or pimp speak, you are going to have fully prepare yourself for the awesomeness that is a site that translates your words into images from the result of a Google Images search. The site, called The Image Language, is kind of like reverse charades.

It's captivating, hilarious and frankly sometimes baffling to see what images the Interwebs thinks represents your text. So prepare your explanations to your boss now — you'll either need to call in sick to play with it or surely get caught. There's always the chance the boss won't be able to resist it either.

As the website points out the Web changes and grows everyday, which makes The Image Language, a "live organism." As search parameters are tweaked and as new images are added, you could very well get different results for the same search no matter when you play with it.

In the spirit of responsible journalism I headed to the site to test it out. About a half an hour later of typing in my favorite Star Trek quotes, song lyrics, and inside jokes, I came out of my daze and was sure of a few things.

One this is, I have absolutely no idea how or why certain images are linked to certain words. If I didn't have my own text in front of me it would be like a game show trying to figure out some of the language the pictures were representing. That was a hoot.

The other thing is, the highbrow statement behind the site is it's own best PR. The site calls itself "an interactive visual experiment, created to explore the possibilities of two things: words and images."

Totally true. It is an interesting idea and the best experiments are the ones you cannot stop messing with. In this case I typed in the site's statement as it is listed above and the experiment proved its own point.

The Image Language, via Gizmodo

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