Awesome video: guy makes his own real life portal loop

What do you do after playing as much Portal as you can? You make one for real. At least that's what this one gamer did when he created a portal loop in his bedroom courtesy of some Ikea mirrors and LED lights.

Florian Aich picked up some oval mirrors, added the LED lights to the back and, after getting the positioning right — voilà! — he had his very own geeky, beautiful portal loop. He gets the portal going by firing up the lights and shooting the spectacle with an Apeture Science Handheld Portal Device.

Someone may want to alert Ikea's stock department as it could see a run on its oval mirrors once people check out how cool this effect looks. We also hear that when not operating as portals the mirrors are pretty useful for making sure your pants match your shirt, so either way you can't go wrong.

Via NerdApproved

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