Video: Gorgeous 4K timelapse most of us can't even view properly

We never tire of going gaga for timelapse videos, especially ones in crisp 1080p HD resolution. Award-winning cinematographer Tom Lowe is taking timelapses to another frontier — 4K resolution — with his new film TimeScapes.

Shot end edited in a whopping 4096x2304 resolution (compare that with today's 1920x1080 resolution HD video cameras), TimeScapes features "stunning slow-motion and timelapse cinematography of the landscapes, people, and wildlife of the American South West."

Already spectacular in 1080p (also available in 2560x1440 resolution), we can only imagine how crystal clear it must be in native 4K resolution. Sure, you can watch it in any number of formats, but to really get the best picture, you need to melt your retinas in 4K. The problem is that most people don't even have 4K TVs or projectors, so most people (right now) won't even get to see Lowe's timelapse film in its original glory.

In terms of consumer availability, 4K is still in its infancy. This past CES introduced a bevy of 4K TVs by various makers and Sony just announced the launch of its 4K home projector. Even so, 4K equipment is still very expensive.

If you've got the 4K gear to drive 4K content, you can hit up the trailer for TimeScapes on YouTube video below and change the quality to "original." If not, 1080p still looks fantastic.

How much does a 4K movie cost if you wanted to buy it? Well, $100 gets you the 31GB file on a USB stick or you can pony up $300 for it on a hard drive. I told you 4K was expensive.

In a few years, we'll all be laughing at how ubiquitous 4K will be, as we lust for 8K resolution TV to replace it.

TimeScapes, via Fubiz

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