Video: Weirdest Kinect game at E3 involves dribbling a basketball

NBA Baller Beats is not a basketball sim. Technically, it's not even a sports game; it's a rhythm-based game that wants to convince you to dribble a basketball to different beats. Think, Guitar Hero, but replace the shredders with a real basketball, dribbling moves and Kinect. Strange, right? Yeah, we know, but it's also kind of cool.

Whereas, The Avengers: Battle For Earth received our most exciting Kinect game of E3 2012 honor, NBA Baller Beats earns our weirdest Kinect game award. We don't know whether we should laugh, or if NBA Baller Beats is a stroke of genius on Majesco's part.

Majesco is touting NBA Baller Beats as "the only game of its kind where you use a real basketball to play." Yep, it definitely is — we shot a little video demo of the game in action, which you can see for yourself below. It's actually pretty cool that the Kinect can use a basketball as a control point.

We're not knocking NBA Baller Beats, but who else thinks that practicing your basketball moves inside of the living room is a bad idea? Just wait, in three months, YouTube's going to be filled with living room baller accidents. That, and consider your neighbors.

NBA Baller Beats has 30 songs and three levels of difficulty that'll have you performing 20 different moves including cross-overs, pump fakes, around-the-worlds and more.

Majesco plans to release NBA Baller Beats on September 11 as a special bundle that comes with an official Spalding NBA basketball for $60.

Posted on location at E3 in Los Angeles, California. Video shot and edited by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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