Fresh pizza vending machines to dish pies in the U.S.

It seems the vending machine brain trust will leave no food behind in the quest for machine-dispensed food. Now it's pizza on the menu, with a quirky vending machine from Europe that promises fresh custom pizzas from the dough to the box on demand.

The "Let's Pizza!" machine will create 10.5-inch pizzas at an anticipated cost of $5.95 per pie. The full service machine does everything from kneading fresh dough to cooking the pizza of your choice in just two and a half minutes.

Plus, pizza lovers can choose from a variety of ingredients to satisfy whatever is desired — from vegetarian to meat toppings and will be connected to the Internet to let each operator know when re-stocking is necessary. It is expected the machine can crank out 200 pizzas before the basics need to be replenished.

The Let's Pizza machine was created by Italian Claudio Torghehi, and is distributed by A1 Concepts in the Netherlands. According to the company CEO, the machine has been popular in Europe, notably in Italy, so that gives them the indication the pizza's pretty tasty.

The company plans on deploying the machine in places like malls, airports, universities, gas stations and other pizza-friendly locales throughout the summer. I'd also humbly suggest considering outside concert venues and anywhere where there is more than one bar — but that's the beauty of a relatively small operation — it could be moved to meet demand.

Whether or not the machines take off remains to be seen and will likely depend somewhat on the quality of the pizza and the novelty factor.

After all, we are a nation that has given the world cupcake ATMs, effectively proving we'll eat anything out of a machine even though we could buy it pretty conveniently elsewhere. So why not pizza as long as it tastes good?

Editor's Note: DVICE's team members based in New York City would like to express dismay at this idea.

Let's Pizza, via DigitalTrends

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