Vending machine that drops beers when tackled is not for the weak

We've seen too many weird vending machines in our time, but this is the first time we've seen one where you need to ram it on its side to get it to dispense the goods. We sure hope you've got the upper shoulder strength to work this beer vending machine.

The "Rugbeer" machine is a marketing ploy created by the Ogilvy for Cerveza Salta beer and it sure got our attention.

As we already said, you tackle the vending machine on its side and if your attack is strong enough, it'll drop you a can of Salta beer. If not, well, you won't get any beer and you'd best go hit the gym and pump some iron.

A "pussy meter" on the front lights up from red to green. Red (marked with a rooster) isn't strong enough to get you any drink. Green (marked with an ox) will get you one. Don't worry about the machine falling over and killing you, though, because its sides are protected with "grass with dew." (or is it astroturf?)

According to Cerveza Salta, bars with the Rugbeer installed have seen a 25 percent increase in sales. What does that tell you? Really, really angry people frequent bars. But you probably already knew that.

P.S. the beer isn't free. You still need to insert a coin. What did you think, you'd get free beer for being brawny? GTFO. Where can you find a Rugbeer? Try Argentina.

YouTube, via Technabob and PSFK

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