Turn your driveway (or any path) into a glowing wonderland

The first night the sun sets over your driveway and a fairy-like glow arises, I guarantee the neighbors will start talking. They'll whisper in groups speculating how you got a normal driveway to light up. Are your other friends aliens? Do you work at a faulty nuclear reactor? The secret actually comes straight out of a fish tank.

The stones in question are Glowstones from JNCT, and they're used in aquariums. They look like regular quartz stones but they are really a synthetic aggregate stone that has photoluminescent pigment and synthetic resin. After being exposed to the sun all day, the off-white pebble with the light sensitive pigment will start out with a strong glow and then fade over the evening.

You'll get the best effect if you use the stones in an area with lower ambient light so the stones really shine.

I'm probably preaching to the choir if you own a fish tank. These are the very same glowing stones you can buy to make your tank more interesting a night. You probably figured they were hearty — given that you've sunk them under water for an indeterminate amount of time.

But you might not have known they were strong enough to take a beating outside — even on a driveway. As it turns out they can be added to pebble paving stone for a long-term wow, or scattered in the driveway for a magical effect. Since they look like normal stones during the day no one can complain your walkway or driveway doesn't comply to your condo codes.

After dark when the stones turn blue green or yellow green, you'll be on your own.

JNCT via, Buzzfeed

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