Up to 200 parts combine to make these beautiful, unique lights

These lights defy description, and I love that. They aren't traditional sculptures, they aren't quite lamps, or steampunk, or modern. They are all of that in one. They are incredible, handcrafted art each made of up to 200 individual steel and brass parts. They are "Machine Lights."

The artist behind these works is Berlin based Frank Buchwald. On his website he describes his process of creating the lights from the raw steel and brass and burnishing them by hand. They are combined with a mixture of different shaped Edison-style filament bulbs.

Buchwald's site is filled with photos on his manufacturing process — which is all handmade from the drafted plans to the custom finish on each lamp. It's an interesting look at the work of a craftsman. While Buchwald calls his work light sculptures, I'd say leave it open to your own interpretation

Enjoy a look at his series of 12 models that will be made in limited production; Buchwald can design something upon request in case you are still looking for an awesome Father's day gift — granted it might take some time to get to Dad, but I think he'd understand.

Frank Buchwald, via LaughingSquid

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