Twitter reads our collective minds, recommends smoothie flavors

A prototype application has been developed to take the guesswork out of the equation for those who can't choose; it gathers trending data on select fruits and veggies and mixes your smoothie based on real time interest of the Tweeting masses.

I'm sure there are many of us out there paralyzed with indecision on what flavor to choose for our daily smoothie. Blueberries — they're hot right now, right?

Tasty Tweets uses a Twitter API to track mentions of the trending goodies and sends it to a machine that dispenses the specific flavors based on what's happening in real time. Since Twitter trends are notoriously fickle you'd better be prepared for something unique as you never know which stock will rise faster — carrots or strawberries.

Who knows what you'll get? And that's the beauty (or terror) of it. Twitter knows best.

The Tasty Tweets prototype comes to us from Kat Zorina, Ruben van der Vleuten, and Kostantinos Frantzis who created the experiment for a visualization course at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. I'd say they accomplished more than just visualization — they've moved onto application based on the visual data and hopefully the results are delicious.

Beyond this very interesting prototype, the team wants to experiment with tying in Twitter data that would croudsource decisions on consistency or the addition of other items like wheat germ or hundreds of other options.

It's an interesting little project that shows the power of the Twitter masses at their tastiest. It makes me wonder what's coming next?

Cupcakes… please let it be cupcakes!

Via Flowing Data

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