This smarter robotic lawnmower cuts your grass in straight lines

Robotic lawn mowers are nothing new, but most just kind of wander aimlessly around the yard like a drunken Roomba until their sensors figure out that they've hit everything. This new model is smarter, and will cut the grass in more efficient stripes to give your lawn that fancy pro gardener look.

The Bosch Indego is an electric mower that charges itself at a docking station in the garden. Each charge is good for about 20 minutes of mowing, but because the Indego cuts with a much more efficient pattern than most autonomous lawn mowers, that should cover all but the largest lawns.

The $2,040 Bosch Indego is currently on sale in Scandinavia, with additional markets being added over time.

Bosch Indego (YouTube), via OhGizmo!

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