This electric skateboard is faster off the line than most cars

Hang on tight! While most electric skateboards aren't exactly drag racing vehicles, this 3,400 watt four wheel drive monster will get you off the line faster than a lot of cars.

The Trail Rider model from Gnarboards has an 850 Watt motor driving each wheel, and this lets it accelerate from 0-28 mph in 1.9 seconds. That's also the top speed, but seeing as you'll be standing up with absolutely zero protection, that sounds like plenty.

Even with all that power the Trail Rider packs enough battery power to run about 15 miles, so you could actually use this thing for commuting. The downside is all that hardware is that the board weighs in at a hefty 86 pounds, an awful lot to be dragging into your workplace every day.

The other catch is the $6,100 price tag, which could also cover a pretty nifty motorcycle that you could actually sit down on. But hey, with this thing you could do donuts in the parking lot while standing up.

Gnarboards, via Gizmag

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