This robot will comfort you in your last moments, sort of

There are many ways a geek can decide to depart this Earth if lucky enough to be given a choice (with light saber in hand, clutching the neck of a Terminator, etc.). But for those of us who'd like to leave with the comfort of a friend, a new robotic solution may be available.

The Last Moment Robot is a mechanism that literally strokes your arm and utters supposedly calming statements to you once it detects that you are about to pass away. Frankly, I've rarely felt such a chill of revulsion as I did when watching this video--comfort from a robot as you lay dying doesn't look very comforting.

The actual set-up is an art installation by Dan Chen, but considering the increasing number of elderly who often live alone in their later years, this idea is not far fetched. You can see the Last Moment Robot in action in the video below.

Via Crave

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