The DIY'ers dream: a personal 360-degree mapping kit

Google's Street View has come a long way from its launch in 2007. We've moved from being wowed at seeing our street (complete with our cars out front) to taking 360-degree trips to the Amazon and under the water at the Great Barrier Reef. Now you can get in on the 360-degree camera view craze with your own personal DIY kit.

The Streetview Camera System from Germany's Streetview Technologies comes with the camera, a car mount, backpack (you never know where you'll go), image processing software and accessories.

The camera will take one 28-megapixel picture every two seconds and is connected to a GPS receiver and orientation sensor. Once you've gathered your images and they have been processed by the software, they are viewable via Google's Street View API which can be embedded into any website.

Your camera and GPS system runs on a battery that reportedly lasts up to six hours, so that gives you plenty of time to get creative.

You all are familiar with the saying, "With great power comes great responsibility." So true, especially when it comes to turning over 360-degree cameras to us average joes. Hopefully these cameras will take us to some amazing locations.

They could also bring us insider views of popular activities like nature walks; or you could use it to create views of your home and neighborhood if you are planning on selling.

Just remember people — try and avoid lawsuit material.

The developer of the kit, Jan Martin has developed the camera technology for four years. He reports this version of the personal kit delivers the best results after going through several versions. If you are keen to get more information and details on pricing you can reach him directly via his site.

Go on. If you are as big a fan of Google Street View as Martin is you'll likely find many amazing things to map. Perhaps if your behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the butter sculpture at the Wisconsin State Fair is cool enough (and why wouldn't it be?) you could make it to the big show on Google's Street View.

After all, art is everywhere!

Jan Martin, via DigitalTrends

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