Tetris couch cushions challenge you to optimize your comfort

Tetris is all about stacking different shapes into pristine rows. One little hole, and you may find yourself trying to fill it in for the next 20 minutes. These couch cushions definitely raise the stakes: one gap here and you could throw out your dang back.

Created by Australian Etsy user StarGallery, the cushions come in shapes that will be familiar to the Tetris faithful, and it looks like all seven shapes are accounted for. The blocks are pretty big at almost two feet long and six inches thick, and are upholstered with "raw textured cotton… stuffed with polyester filling."

What say you, fellow geek? I'm already rearranging the cushions in my mind. That square block needs to move down and left next to the life-saving line, and the red zig-zag should fit snuggly atop that and into the elbow created by the backward "L" piece. Boom! Optimized comfort.

It's $280 (which works out to $40 a cushion) for the whole kit and caboodle, available here.

Etsy, via TDW Geeks

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