Stylish 'thin boombox' is slimmer than a credit card

When you think of a "boombox," the image of a large cassette player with two massive speakers hoisted on a fella's shoulders usually comes to mind. Allow Hannes Harms' 0.5mm thick stainless steel speaker to change that mindset.

The "thin boombox" is a speaker that's a lesson in reducing material usage and an attempt at creating a sustainable electronic that's good for Mother Nature.

All of the speaker's perforated holes are cut with a precise acid-etching technique that allow for "100% recyclability due to its extractive process."

To assemble, simply bend at the dotted sections, attach a thin flexible speaker component and let it blast your MP3s.

Best of all, because each speaker is essentially stamped out, it can be packaged in an envelope, further reducing packaging materials.

There's no denying that the design is novel at best, and won't produce the best audio. We know that. We're digging it because it's the future of gadget design — thinner, but still functional, to a certain extent. From there, it's all about refinement.

Hannes Harms, via DesignBoom

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