Star Trek: TNG coming to a theater near you on July 23

The 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation is this month, and to celebrate, CBS is presenting a one night only theater screening of some of those newly remastered high definition episodes, along with a bunch of fun extras. Two episodes have been selected, both "fan favorites" from season one.

Now, far be it from me to second-guess Mike and Denise Okuda, who picked out the two episodes for the screening, but the ones they chose are, um, not what I'd have picked. The screening will feature Datalore and Where No Man Has Gone Before, with the latter being a Wesley episode. Gah. I guess these qualify as "fan favorites" in that pretty much every single TNG episode can be called a "fan favorite," but it seems more like the idea here is to show off some remastered eye-candy, with episodes that include lots of the Crystalline Entity and that trippy warp infinity sequence.

The screening will also feature "exclusive looks at the massive restoration of season one, never-before-seen interviews with the original cast members and behind-the-scenes looks at the artists who created the original FX elements and photography during the making of the show. Audiences will also be privy to an unseen sneak-peak of Measure of a Man." Measure of a Man is, of course, the second season episode giving rights to androids, something that we're certainly in favor of around here.

Tickets look to be about $15, and the show starts at 7 P.M. local time wherever you are on Monday, July 23, with some theaters running an additional late-night screening.

Via Fathom Events

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