Star Wars reimagined as a cyberpunk saga with hacked toys

What would happen if The Matrix, Akira, Ghost In The Shell and Star Wars got together and made a baby? The movie would be a helluva production and its cast would probably look a lot like Sillof's Cyber Wars action figures. This is Star Wars with a '90s sci-fi twist.

Star Wars purists (like yours truly) will scoff at Sillof's (pronounced "Psi-lof") mutations to character favorites like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Even so, it's hard not to give Sillof credit for modding these figures and morphing them into new souls. They were clearly a labor of love.

According to Sillof:

This line was actually one of the first redesign idea I had almost 15 years ago, in the 99, when I first started to redesign characters.  The line is intended to have a 90's sci-fi aesthetic.  It has some elements of Cyberpunk, the Matrix, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, etc.  I envisioned the movie as a struggle by  a group of rebel hackers struggling to break free from the oppressive system of control by a mega technological corporation that controlled all aspects of society.  I tried to stay true to my original ideas for characters as I made the line.

Each reimagined action figure even has a new name and background history. You can see Sillof's detailed toys below, but to get the skinny on each character's new life, you'll need to visit Sillof's Workshop.

Sillof's Workshop, via Neatorama

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