Six-foot-long Lego Halo Assault Carrier is curvier than Beyonce

It defies Lego scripture for a brick creation to be this curved. Even the titanic 111-pound Lego Battlestar Galactica starship isn't this smooth. Somehow, Ben "Benny Brickster" Caulkins rendered this Convenant Assault Carrier for Brickworld without messing up its shape. Video of the curvilicious creation inside.

You don't have to be a detective to know that Benny Brickster is serious about his Lego bricks. One look around the room in his video and it's clear this guy is cuckoo for Lego.

We agree that the stand that the Covenant Assault Carrier is on is ugly as sin, but come on, the guy only had one hour to build it.

Once Benny Brickster posts some better shots and more info, we'll finally be able to get an idea of how heavy this thing is and how many bricks went into its construction. Anyone want to take a guess?

Flickr, via MAKE

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