Simple design keeps your headphones and cords in line

This is one of those little gadgets that is so unbelievably simple you sort of wonder where it's been hiding all your life. For those of us who struggle with knots and tangles in our headphones, "The Sinch" provides an anchor to hold your cord in place as you wind it around your device.

The anchor allows you to wind your cord the same way each time, and secure earbuds or a mic conveniently in the spot (and at the length) of your choosing.

The Sinch uses magnets to hold itself in place over the headset jack and firmly in place on the surface of your device. Because today's smartphones, music players and tablets use flash drives for memory, the magnets will not affect performance.

Sure, we love those funny plastic ears that hold our cords, but because this little gadget actually attaches to your phone it wins points for keeping the cords in a more handy location. Plus, it's way less creepy than plastic ears right?

The Sinch by Dune Road Design sells for $15.99 and comes in black or white.

The Sinch, via GetAddictedTo

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