Scientists develop the iBrain to hack into Stephen Hawking's mind

Stephen Hawking is one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists alive today, but his ability to communicate his thoughts with the rest of us has declined steadily over the years due to a motor neurone disease. Now researchers want to hack into his brain activity, and attempt to read his thoughts directly.

The device they plan to use is called the iBrain, developed by Neurovigil CEO Philip Low, and it could be used to measure electrical brain activity with an unprecedented level of detail. Low hopes that by measuring Hawking's intense brain activity while he thinks about performing tasks such as moving his arms and legs, they can develop a roadmap of where to look when trying to measure similar brain activity in the rest of us.

Low has been working with Hawking on the iBrain for over a year, and they plan to demonstrate it live at a conference in Hawking's home town of Cambridge England next month.

Telegraph, via CNET

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