Recreate treasures from The Met at home with a 3D printer

How would you like to fill you home with priceless sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum's collection? While they're not exactly giving their stuff away, they are making it pretty easy to create your own scaled down replicas at home using a 3D printer.

A group calling itself the Met MakerBot Hackathon got permission from The Met to take 3D images from priceless works in the museum's collection using Autodesk 123D Catch, and post the files online at their Thingiverse site. Now anyone with a $2000 MakerBot Replicator 3D printer can download the files, and turn them into replica sculptures for their home.

So far the group has posted 34 sculptures ranging from Antonio Cavona's Reclining Naiad to Erastus Dow Palmer's classic Indian Girl checks her email seen above, with more works being added regularly. Sounds like just the thing to class up the joint a bit.

Thingiverse, via Gizmodo

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