QR code clothes tell the world that you're kind of desperate

QR codes are a great high-tech was to give people lots of information with a minimum amount of effort, so you see them on everything from refrigerators in a store to exhibits in a museum. But who wants every passerby to be able to grab all of your own personal info?

That's the idea behind QRTribe apparel, which is custom printed with your own personal QR code that leads to all kinds of private information about yourself. Anyone who scans the code is taken to a web page, where you can post links to your Facebook and other social network pages or other contact information like your phone number, avoiding all of that awkward question asking stuff. Think of it as being kind of like wearing an eHarmony profile on your forehead.

While I can imagine some guys wearing this stuff, it's hard to think that many girls would want to be so forthcoming. Even if they are, would you want to hook up with a girl who makes it that easy?

QRTribe will slap your personal QR code on various types of bags in addition to shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. Prices range from around $40 up to about $100.

ChipChick, via Gizmodo

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