Proof: Rube Goldberg machines are more awesome with fire

We've seen our fair share of Rube Goldberg machines, and the reason we like them so much is for the hundreds of little gizmos and motions used to accomplish something pretty simple. This one isn't even new — the video was posted in 2009 — but it's going around again and won us over by being powered largely by fire.

When you first start watching, you may not be as initially impressed as you have with other Rube Goldberg machine setups. It's dark, gritty and rough around the edges, but then like a flickering flame taking hold, it grows on you. As you realize the concept of the Rube Goldberg gets broken down to simpler gizmos like rope and spare tires and the focus is placed on the motion — in this case propelled by fire — it starts to get pretty damn entertaining.

There are many ways fire pushes the action along — via gas, gunpowder and, at around 1:25, a spinning ball of flame made out of who knows what.

That's right. A spinning ball of flame. I don't think we need to say much more!

Via Gizmodo

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