Phone-app-controlled light bulb is the 21st century Clapper

Don't you hate it when you jump into bed, just to discover that you forgot to turn off that lamp across the room? Twenty years ago you could have hooked it up to a Clapper, but that's way too low-tech today's world. Now there's a more suitable solution, in the form of he world's first smartphone controlled light bulb.

There have been a few fancy home automation systems that do the same basic thing, but they're kind of expensive and complicated to install. The Insteon LED bulb is the first network connected light bulb that can be controlled directly without a major install.

In addition to your phone, the fully dimmable bulb can be paired with motion sensors, a wireless remote or even a regular switch. A small plug in hub called the SmartLink communicates with the bulb via RF, and lets you control several bulbs independently or all together, even over the Internet.

Being an LED bulb, the Insteon is also efficient, delivering the light output of a 60 watt standard incandescent bulb using just 8 watts. The $30 bulbs are in production, but are currently backordered for a couple of weeks.

Maybe they should make a commercial like the old Clapper one, except they can change it to "app on, app off."

Insteon, via Slashgear

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