Next-gen robotic dog lets you control it via smartphone

Although the popular Sony AIBO was discontinued way back in 2006, there remains a healthy demand from geeks, young and old, in owning a robot dog. Hoping to once again test the robotic pet market is Takara Tomy's new Omnibot i-Sodog.

The new product is expected to make its official debut this week at the Tokyo International Toy Show. Details on the new robo-dog are scarce, but in addition to a dedicated remote control module, the dog is also expected to feature a function that allows the user to control it from a smartphone. The source also indicates that the i-Sodog will respond to voice commands and hand gestures.

Pricing hasn't been announced, but according to reports, the Omnibot i-Sodog will hit the stores sometime in early 2013.

Via Robot-Dreams

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