New model making kits ditch plastic for paper, still look amazing

Most model kits are made from durable plastic and 3D printers these days and that's ok. But, if you are looking for a little something different, consider these new models that are constructed entirely out of paper. Simply color as you wish, and construct.

You can find just about anything to suit your fancy, from retro-cool and simplistic looking old airplanes to incredibly complex Space Shuttle builds.

These paper model kits from Papero are created by some of South Korea's top exhibition designers — and because there are different artists you get the interesting range of aesthetics and difficulty.

All of the kits are made with eco-friendly paper and soy-based inks and assembly is all by hand — using no glue or knives. This means they are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

This has the look of a great Father's Day gift, no? You can find them at Epha3 starting at $27.50 USD.

Check out the gallery below for just some of the crazy cool models you can build.

Epha3, via ThisIsColossal

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