Move aside wind turbines: underwater turbine built

A few years ago, a 10 million watt wind turbine was built in Norway. Now, heading in the complete opposite direction, Scotland installed a 100-foot 1-megawatt turbine under water, off the coast of Orkney.

Scottish Power Renewables is overseeing the project, and the reports show the turbine is performing well, already providing power for the island of Eday.

It's part of the creation of a tidal farm that will harness the power of water.

Though not great news at the time, scientists lowered the turbine into the water during a storm, showing that it can withstand poor weather condition.

"The performance of the first HS1000 device has given us great confidence so far. Engineers were able install the device during atrocious weather conditions, and it has been operating to a very high standard ever since," said SPR chief executive Keither Anderson.

That one turbine can power 500 homes for a year. Construction of the entire project should be finished between 2013 and 2015.

Via Inhabit

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