MIDI controller jacket lets you create electronic music in style

Wearable technology is an integral part of space missions and even an increasing number of sporting events, but one area where the innovation is still in its early stages is in music performances. Enter the MIDI Jacket, an attempt to marry electronic music performances with fashion.

The jacket was created by a group called MACHINA based in Mexico. The idea of the MIDI Jacket is that it can be used to control a piece of digital music software on your mobile computing device. The group claims the jacket packs three position sensors, an accelerometer, and flex sensors, but the actual demonstration of the garment offers little in the way of offering a true look at the technical aspects of the construct.

The group plans to jumpstart actual sales of the jacket using Kickstarter in July, but in the meantime you can see the jacket in action in the video below.

Via FashioningTech

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