LED wristbands turn concertgoers into light show, but with a twist

The latest addition to the theatrics you get as part of some big concert acts include not just seeing the show, but being the show courtesy of little LED wristbands that turn the crowd into a living display. While you'd think that would be the headline, apparently it's the post show antics of the wristbands that has people talking.

The Xyloband wristband uses radio signals sent to the wristbands to turn the crowd into part of the concert experience and light show. Coldplay recently distributed them as part of their European gigs, and after concertgoers enjoyed the show they could keep the wristbands as free souvenirs.

The fun apparently didn't stop at the venue as the LED bracelets continued to flash and light up, mystifying concertgoers. There was enough of a freak-out to inspire The Telegraph to write an article on the subject, quoting several fans:

"Really weird, my dad's white Xyloband just started flashing again." A Belgian fan added: "Mine is alive! It started flickering about an hour ago."

The makers of the Xyloband were called on to explain and in what is surely a relief to tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists everywhere, they noted that the bracelets were purely intended for fun and no ulterior motives like tracking or mind control were involved.

The batteries in the bracelets just simply keep the LEDs going.

The solution is simple — and is now posted on the Xyloband website. If you choose not to return the bracelet for recycling and take the bracelet home as a souvenir, just take out the batteries to keep it from glowing.

Now that's sound advice!

Getting back to the original headline of these wristbands being a nifty way to get the crowd going as part of the show, check out this video of the Xyloband in action at the Coldplay show.

Xyloband, via The Telegraph and Core77

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