Microsoft to unveil 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet (updated)

Microsoft's drumming up a huge wad of excitement for a mystery announcement slated for later today. Is it a tablet? A last minute rumor revealing a leaked document suggests Microsoft will unveil a 7-inch Xbox tablet<

Update: Microsoft unveiled its "Surface" tablet. Full details here.

With all this SmartGlass talk from E3, it would be appropriate for Microsoft to lead the way with a flagship tablet that works seamlessly with the Xbox 360 — a "stock device" — much as Google does with its prized Nexus smartphone family.

The leaked spec sheet from Neowin claims tech specs for two different components: 1) a tablet and 2) a stationary computing device.

On the tablet half, there will be 7-inch multitouch LED screen with a a 1280x720 resolution, a battery that lasts up to seven hours, SD card slot and a Texas Instrument-built processor.

The "stationary computing device" is where it gets very interesting. It's got a 3.1GHz IBM processor, 5GB of RAM, an AMD GPU with 1.2GB of video RAM, 250GB of hard drive storage, 4 USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack, HDMI, ethernet, 2.1 surround sound and more and resolutions that go as high as 1440p.

Is this the next Xbox? It seems highly suspect that Microsoft would unveil a new Xbox only two weeks after its E3 press conference.

CNET's Mary Jo Foley chimes with this nugget of info:

(Rick Gutierrez -- the guy mentioned as the contact on these Xbox Surface spec sheets? He works for Microsoft Research. He has done work on Kinect for Windows software development kit. He also has worked on the Windows Embedded Compact team. His bio notes that his "primary duties with the Advanced Development team is to Test Projects by Microsoft Researchers.")

Now, who would go through all the trouble of stamping Gutierrez's name all over a fake doc? Hey, in this rumor-hungry tech world, it could happen.

You can view alleged spec-sheet below (click to enlarge):


Microsoft will make its mysterious announcement at 6:30pm EST. Stay tuned.

Liveside, Shifted2U, Neowin, via CNET

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