Knife set lets you play that stabbing game without the injuries

You know that game of chicken where you spread your fingers on a table and stab a knife back and forth rapidly in the spaces between your digits? A simple slip could mean a trip to the emergency room, but now there's a stylish way to play without fear of ending the game a digit short.

The Five Finger Fillet knife set from designer Raffaele Iannello puts five deadly sharp knives between the fingers of a chrome plated hand, with a sixth one stabbed right through the hand just to keep everything in place.

The block is made from ABS plastic, and comes in different colors to match your kitchen's decor. If steak knives aren't on your want list, you can get a version with a set of chef's knives or even an office version with pens, although that doesn't sound nearly as dangerous.

No word on pricing or availability.

Raffaele Iannello Creative Studio, via Gizmodo

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