'Kindled' appears as 'Nookd' in Nook version of Tolstoy

Branding is one thing, but this is something else entirely: a translation of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace has appeared in the Barnes & Noble Nook with the word "kindled" replaced throughout with the word "Nookd." Which isn't even a word.

Of course, Barnes and Noble probably didn't do this itself. But this does lead us to two semi-interesting points: a) the word "kindled" appears in War and Peace roughly eight times and b) we should probably be more careful with great works of literature.

No official word on how this happened but ars technica agrees with a blog commenter who thinks Superior Formatting Publishing, the book's publisher, created a Kindle version and then submitted that to Barnes and Noble. So when it made the Nook submission, a quick search and replace for the word "kindle" was done.

Makes the most sense to us, as well.

Nonetheless, let's be a little more careful with our classic literature in the future, publishing houses. The two minutes it would have taken to actually find and replace with your eyes could have saved you this embarrassment.

Via ars technica

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