Water-powered jetbike says, 'Saddle up and ride the hose!'

First came the water-powered jetpack. Next came the water-powered jetboots. And now, we have the water-powered jetbike. It's Jetaviation's Jetovator, and they want you to "turn off the video games…Saddle up…and Ride the Hose!" So, go on, ride the hose. Ride it. RIDE IT.

In order to ride the hose on the Jetovator, you'll need your own personal watercraft (Seadoo, Yamaha or Kawasaki), a $9,000 Jetovator kit that features an aluminum frame with a fiberglass "street-bike-styled body" and, according to the video below, an angry soundtrack. Just hook the Jetovator up to your watercraft with a 50-foot hose, and the upward thrust from water being jetted downwards propels the bike (with you on it) as high as 30 feet into the air at speeds of 25 miles an hour.

Once you're ready to step up from the basic Jetovator kit, Jetaviation plans to offer upgrades like a fly-by-wire throttle system, an upgraded jet nozzle for high-speed operation, and suspension landing gear that is apparently for professionals only. All this stuff is "price to be determined," but it looks like the basic kit (which you can see in action below) is a heck of a lot of fun by itself, even if it does get a little bit upstaged at times by the Seabreacher in the background.

Jetovator, via Gizmodo, via Gizmag

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