Used cooking oil powers passenger jet from Toronto to Mexico

Treehuggers have been powering their old Mercedes-Benz Diesel cars with used cooking oil for years, but now it's starting to creep deeper into the fuel we use to power our airliners. Last year we saw how Alaska Airlines ran some tests using a 20 percent biofuel blend, but now Air Canada has upped the ante by going with a 50/50 blend of jet fuel and old used cooking oil.

The flight from Toronto to Mexico City went without a hitch, and biofuel supplier SkyNRG says that by using the B50 blend, the plane's emissions were cut by at least 40 percent. Aviation fuel is actually quite similar to Diesel, so using a biofuel blend seems like a natural fit. I just hope they were careful to strain out all of the fried gunk in the oil.

With all that french fry oil being used to clean up the air, I guess we now have an excuse for eating lots more McDonald's.

I wonder if the plane's exhaust smelled like Chinese take out?

Air Canada, via Treehugger

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