iOS 6 will have Facebook integration and revamped digital stores

There have been plenty of rumors and leaks in regard to Apple's next iPhone, but what about iOS 6? With WWDC in a little over a week, iOS 6 leaks are just dripping out of the faucet. Facebook will finally join Twitter as a system-wide feature in iOS 6.

Speaking at last week's AllThingsD conference with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Apple CEO Tim Cook played coy on the company's relationship with Facebook:

"Facebook is a great company. I have great appreciation for them."
Walt: But yet Twitter is integrated and Facebook is not. Why not?
"I think the relationship is very solid," Cook says. "We have great respect for them. I think we can do more with them. Just stay tuned on this one."
Are they still onerous to work with?
"They have their way of doing things, but people could say the same thing about us."
"Because you have a point of view doesn't mean you can't work with someone."

TechCrunch's well-informed MG Siegler (he's been known to know a thing or two about what Apple's cooking up) is reporting that Facebook integration in iOS 6 (code-named "Sundance") is a shoe-in.

But Facebook integration will be very important for iOS -- tons of apps use Facebook for sign-ups and authentication (many use Facebook as the only way to do this, to the dismay of some). Apple was undoubtedly watching this activity and realized that it was time to formally bring Facebook on board.

Apple intel blog 9to5Mac has also learned that iOS 6 will feature revamped iTunes, App Store and iBookstore apps, which will "focus on improved interactivity when making purchases."

Combine that with the word BGR heard earlier this week on Apple ditching Google Maps with its own 3D maps solution and iOS 6 is starting to sound like a very big update. It has to be right? What with the next iPhone getting a 4-inch display that'll have a 16:9 aspect ratio as opposed to the current 3.5-inch 4:3 screen.

What features do you want to see in iOS6? Better multitasking? Better notifications? What?

TechCrunch, via 9to5Mac

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