Insane building concept spirals through the heart of Shanghai

Borrowing the shape of the long, twisting bodies of China's iconic dragons, "Sity" is a building concept we're still trying to wrap our heads around. It's designed to snake through a swathe of Shanghai and includes a man-made river and park underneath it.

While the structure looks impossible to navigate, the designers have actually put some thought into how you could live and work in this thing, too.

Sity's spiraling structure sees it intersect the ground at several points. It's at these junctions that pedestrians can enter, and the structure is also joined to Shanghai by a subway line, river vessels and a grid of roads.

So, what happens once you're inside? It's a little hard to picture, but the plans call for "internal vertical/horizontal transport," which we take to mean elevators and walkways. The structure is mixed-use, and would include living and work, as well as public spaces and recreation areas.

In the gallery below you can get a better sense of its scale: people are tiny and stick-like and boats look like toys. According to Architizer, it's supposed to stand some 60 stories tall, which would make Sity absolutely massive.

Via Yanko Design and Architizer

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