Ikea's Uppleva TV reviewed by Swedes, deemed a crappy experience

IKEA-ites jumped in joy when it was revealed that the Swedish furniture retailer was going to sell the Uppleva, an all-in-one HDTV that blends gadgetry with stylish furniture. Turns out, IKEA's TV set isn't going to be that great, at least according to the first review of it to hit the net.

Swedish tech site M3 got their mitts on a 32-inch Uppleva and had these remarks:


  • 1. Assembly was straightforward, which is great if you've ever wrestled any IKEA furniture before
  • 2. Sound is good; especially from the wireless subwoofer
  • 3. Smart TV apps such as YouTube are smooth, but text input is slow as hell
  • 4. Record to USB flash drive is a great feature


  • 1. Black levels are not as good as those on budget LG or Samsung HDTVs (this, is a panel made by Chinese company TCL, after all)
  • 2. Poor contrast with significant image noise
  • 3. White balance is shoddy; "white backgrounds tend to drag a bit towards red."
  • 4. The UI is terrible — i.e. it doesn't remember where you paused a video and instead forces you to resume from the beginning and there's no quick jumping between video and inputs
  • 5. Inputting text in the Web browser is a nightmare
  • 6. No Adobe Flash support

Stylish as the Uppleva TV sets are, M3 concludes that they're a huge bust in terms of picture quality and being smart. Save your $1,000 and buy a better TV, you'll thank yourself when you don't wanna throw a remote through its screen.

M3 (Swedish), via Gizmodo

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