How about a fully enclosed two-wheeler held up by a gyroscope

Motorcycles are a thing of the past as San Francisco-based Lit Motors prepares to release a completely enclosed, two-wheeled two-seater vehicle that remains balanced by using gyroscopes. This has been done before to some degree, but not in a vehicle of this size.

Called the C1, it can stay upright even when at a complete stop. It's only 115 inches long and 40 wide, but it can fit two people.

The gyros spin, each putting out 266 pound-feet of torque, which keeps the C1 upright in any and all circumstances.

It allows for a small but safe machine that can navigate traffic like a motorcycle, simply without the dangers therein.

It's only a prototype, but Lit Motors hopes to begin production in 2014.

It will likely cost a shockingly low $24,000, so we could all be riding on gyroscopes soon!

Via Wired

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