How about a camera that you control with your eyes

A new camera idea joins the many tech products that go by the name Iris, but this one might be the coolest yet. This new technology aims to use eye-tracking and biometric detection to provide a totally frictionless device for taking photos. In other words, it shoots when you blink.

You completely control the camera with your eyes. To zoom in, you squint slightly and to zoom out, you open your eyes. To take a photo, hold your gaze and blink twice.

Unlike a normal camera, you won't be looking right though the lens. Rather, you'll see a digital display, mounted on one end. That display will create a backing where the shutter and sensors will be located.

In addition to all that, the camera will recognize users over time. It'll determine the user's identity and will recognize things about that user (such as if s/he's nearsighted).

It'll even have wifi capabilities.

At this point, it's just a working prototype, so you don't have to worry if you catch someone blinking at you.

Via Wired

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