High-tech purifier puts you in command of your tap water

If you take your drinking water seriously, you probably have a filter system hooked up to your faucet. That's cool if you want to remove gross impurities, but what if you want real control of your H2O? That's where the Tyent Extreme 9000T water ionizer comes in.

Like any water filter the Tyent will clean the water using both ionic and carbon filters, but it also allows you to control the pH level in six stages from alkaline to acidic. This way you can mix up a brew that's best suited to the task at hand, from a strong acid for disinfecting kitchen utensils, to a strong alkaline for general cleaning. Of course there's also a neutral pH setting for regular drinking water.

A touch screen panel lets you control everything, while voice prompts will guide you through the filtering process. It even has two separate spouts so you can keep your drinking and cleaning water separated.

That all sounds fantastic, but there's a big catch. Namely, the Tyent Extreme 9000T's cool $4000 price tag. The good news is that it's currently on sale for a mere $2,795. Still, that amount would probably pay for a nice relaxing vacation in Evian France where you could get the real thing directly from the source.

Tyent, via Technabob

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