Here's your first peek at how Halo 4's campaign actually plays

Microsoft kicked off this year's pre-E3 festivities with a whole host of game trailers, including one we've all been waiting for: a long look at the actual gameplay for Halo 4. There's a lot familiar about the look and feel of the game, but quite a bit that's different, too.

We've had peeks at what the world of Halo 4 will look like, but at E3 2012, Microsoft-owned 343 Industries ran through a snippet of the game. Like the original Halo, released in 2001, Halo 4 once more sees Master Chief and Cortana marooned on an alien world, tasked with uncovering its deadly mysteries in the middle of an interstellar war between humanity and the Covenant. Halo 4 will also introduce another player in the conflict, a mysterious machine-like race that dukes it out with the Chief in the video below.

It appears that these new mysterious combatants are Forerunners, a civilization that's often alluded to in the Halo series but thought long dead. When Master Chief picks up a laser rifle from a fallen foe Cortana remarks, "It's Forerunner." If that's true, 343 Industries, which will be making its big debut with Halo 4 (previous games were developed by Bungie, the creator of the series), will be opening up a whole mess of Halo lore. The Forerunners are thought to have created everything, from high-tech artifacts found on Earth and on other worlds, to the game's iconic halos.

Check it out in the video below, which starts out with a new live action short and then rolls into a peek at the campaign. Halo 4 is due out later this year on Nov. 6.

Via Halo 4

Correction: This post originally stated the release date of Halo: Combat Evolved as 2005. It was released for the Xbox in 2001. We regret the error.

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