Gundam-themed hotel rooms will fulfill all your giant robot needs

Japan's romance with Gundam will never extinguish, especially now that it has Gundam-themed hotel rooms available for reservation. There's tons of Gundam memorabilia inside the suites and even a life-sized pilot cockpit to re-enact Gundam simulations.

Three hotel rooms in Tokyo's Pacific Le Daiba were recently tricked out to have a Gundam theme to it. Stayers will find Zeon Armed Forces and Earth Federation Forces emblems plastered on the bedding and furniture.

By far, the coolest feature is a life-sized cockpit chair with working dashboard that lights up.

Pacific Le Daiba spent 10 million yen ($125,000) to convert the hotel rooms into a Gundam geek's fantasy suite.

Rooms cost about 27,000 yen or about $338 USD per night. You better really, really love Gundam to book a stay in one of these rooms.

A Gundam-themed hotel is not something that would be considered out-of-place in Japan's anime-obsessed culture. I mean, there's already that Neon Genesis Evangelion themed hotel.

Japan's no stranger to Gundam-themed attractions, either. In addition to these new hotel rooms, Japan is also home to a Gundam theme park, Gundam cafe, and let's not forget the giant RX-78-2 that was resurrected in Odaiba earlier this year.

Yep, Japan is still crazy about Gundam. And now, you go gaga for even more Gundam.

The Japan Times, via Kotaku

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