Grab your joystick anyway you want to with Nyko's Free Fighter

You've never seen a fighting stick like the Free Fighter. It's not chunky and doesn't weigh a ton. Nyko's Free Fighter is modular, meaning it splits apart and can be connected any way you want it. It's so brilliant, we're wondering why nobody else has thought of the idea first.

Unlike most fighting sticks, the Free Fighter isn't one bulky piece — it's two. One half is a joystick with programmable macros buttons and dual turbo buttons. The other half has eight lovely mash-friendly buttons as well as a few more buttons on top.

The unique thing about the Free Fighter is that the two pieces can be tethered together with the joystick on the left or right side. It's up to you how you want to configure your fight stick setup. Lefties who have always wanted their joystick on the left side should be excited for this. The Free Fighter can also be connected with a cable that lets you position the two parts at any angle at different heights, if you so desire.

Included with the Free Fighter is also a plastic stand that has, get this, retractable pads that slide out to carve out room for you to rest it on your legs. How thoughtful is that?

If you're worried about all the cheating that can happen with the turbo buttons, fear not, because there's a disable switch that'll instantly disable it if you need the Free Fighter to adhere to say, tournament rules.

Nyko really thought of everything for the Free Fighter. The only downside is that the Free Fighter is a PS3-only peripheral. Nyko reps said that getting Microsoft to authorize the Free Fighter was too much of hassle. On the bright side, Nyko is planning a Wii U model of the Free Fighter for the future.

Nyko will sell the Free Fighter for $180 with a release later this summer.

Posted on location at E3 in Los Angeles, California. All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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