Got a fear of flying? There's an app for that

Are you one of those people who grips the armrest with white knuckles and grinds their teeth during a flight? Sure you could take one of those fancy courses that they offer at some major airports, but then you've got to find a way to get there.

The Flight App VALK was developed by scientists from Leiden University in the Netherlands in collaboration with the Dutch airline KLM, Amsterdam Airport and a few others. Once you have it loaded up, it can give instant information about flying in general, explaining all of those sounds, bumps and vibrations that make some folks think that the plane is falling apart. There are exercises designed to relieve stress, and even a panic button you can press if you really start to freak out.

This sounds pretty useful, but I see one giant flaw. Aren't the most frightening times during take off and landing, just when you're supposed to turn off all electronic devices?

The Flight App VALK is available now for Android and iOS for about $4.

VALK, via ABC News

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