Google buys Meebo then shuts most of it down

In more Google news, Google recently purchased social media site Meebo and has announced a shutdown of most of Meebo's products, leading to a fairly sad set of new banners on Meebo's site. The first states "Google has recently acquired Meebo!" The second: " will be shutting down July 11, 2012."

Meebo was created in 2005 as an instant messenger platform that one could connect to through other IM programs like AIM and Yahoo! Messenger. It expanded into the Meebo Bar, which allows users to chat on various websites that didn't previously offer a chat service.

Google purchased Meebo as part of its Google+ initiative and is now shutting down the Meebo Messenger, Meebo Me, all Meebo Mobile Apps and Meebo Sharing.

The Meebo Bar appears to remain intact, though.

Requiescat in pace, old friend.

Via Meebo

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