Google and Lego launch 'Build,' a browser-based 3D brick builder

Forget about the latest Android rumors for a second and take a look at what Google and Lego just released for Chrome. It's called Build, and it lets you build virtual brick creations with official Lego bricks on a plot of land. So long social life!

Why exactly is Google teaming up with Lego? According to Lockey McGrath, Product Marketing Manager of Google Australia and New Zealand from the Official Google Australia Blog:

We love building with LEGOR bricks. We loved it as kids, and we still love it now. Visit any Google office, you're going to see LEGO bricks all over the place.

So it's with childish delight that today we can announce Build. Over the last few months we've been working with LEGO Australia, thinking about what would happen if we brought bricks to the browser. Build is the result: our latest Chrome Experiment which lets you explore and build a new world of LEGO creations together online. With 8 trillion bricks, think of Build as the largest LEGO set you've ever seen.

At the moment, you can only build and explore creations in Australia and New Zealand, but Google should be rolling out the feature to more countries soon.

But, that doesn't mean you can't get in on the fun just because you don't live in those two places. It just means the virtual patch where your creation is will forever reside in those two places if you choose to build a creation now. To build your own brick creation head on over to Build With Chrome and get to work!

And as Build is a product built for the Chrome browser, it won't work in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. (trust me, I already tried).

Oh, and I totally spent about an hour fiddling with fake bricks, until I noticed how much time had passed.

Better kiss your nights and weekends goodbye!

Build With Chrome, via Official Google Australia Blog

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