Get involved in DARPA's new crowdsourced project

Maybe the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) blew its collective creative power inventing the clothing-sewing robot. Maybe it just wanted to take a week or two off. Either way, it's using crowdsourcing to build its new combat vehicle.

DARPA was awarded $9.8 million to contract engineering consultancy Ricardo to create a potentially amphibious, infantry-fighting vehicle. It will then have several different challenges to have nontraditional designers to help create a progressively more complex vehicle.

DARPA has toyed with the idea of awarding $4 million in prize money in three different challenges. The first will be designing mobility and drive train systems.

A full vehicle is expected by fiscal 2015, and DARPA plans to end awarding up to $30 million for the entire program.

So everyone get your graph paper and pencils out!

Via Next Gov

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