Gently used submarine base yours for $17.5M (sub not included)

Norway is joining a growing trend of governments selling off old infrastructure installations like cupcakes at a bake sale. They've recently listed the Olavsvern Naval Submarine Base on the real estate market, and hope to add a cool $17.5 million to their budgetary bottom line for their efforts.

Submarinesnot included in the asking price. That's a sure sign times are really tough folks.

Since anyone who will buy this base is clearly a gazillionaire that's not likely to stop them. In addition to needing to bring your own submarines, you'll need to spring a little extra for paint, machinery and henchmen to run the place.

What you do get is 13,500 square meters of buildings above ground and a 2500 square meter quay. You'll also get a dry dock, workshops, offices, fuel systems and more. Oh — there is a tunnel and emergency power system.

While the story sounds more and more like a potential home for Dr. Evil or that secret Nazi sub base that Indiana Jones visited on his quest to retrieve the Ark, this is a true story. Here's the listing to prove it.

Hopefully the Norwegian government will find a good buyer. Someone nice who doesn't come with their own army, and is just looking to build the world's first submarine base hotel or something.

Dang. I just gave that idea away for free!

Via Geekologie

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