Gallery: The freaky cyberpunk sculptures of a junk artist

Sleek Vizio computers weren't the only cool things we saw yesterday. At the same event, we also spied these "junk art" sculptures by artist Gabriel Dishaw. You've probably already seen Dishaw's microchip Nike sneakers, but these pieces, they're just bizarre — in an awesome way.

Dishaw's business card says "Sculptor / Junk Artist / Upcycler," but what the heck is a junk artist anyway? Basically, Dishaw shows delight in using old scraps of metal and mechanical objects to craft something new.

According to his blog:

I create my works using found objects from typewriters, adding machines, old computers and technology. I take the items people no longer have use for and that would normally end up in a landfill and in turn create something new and upcycled. My mission is to create dialogue and help find creative ways of dealing with this discarded tech in an enviromentally sound way.

Gabriel Dishaw

All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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