Gallery: French photographer's 'flying houses' project

If you're like me, then after seeing Pixar's Up, you've thought about how many balloons it'd take to float your abode off to some distant paradise. French artist Laurent Chehere wasn't able to round up enough balloons, but he does have a camera and some photo manipulation chops.

Chehere didn't just clip houses out of some photos and paste them onto an image of the sky. He tethers the disembodied homes to the environment, hanging them off of power lines or mooring them to the ground lest they float off. Birds fly about, laundry hangs from cords underneath the floating homes and, in the case of one unfortunate levitating house, a broken ladder means a lost connection to terra firma.

Check out Laurent Chehere flying houses in the gallery below.

Laurent Chehere, via Fubiz

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